A13 roadworks

Caring for communities

We're making every effort to minimise the effect on communities around the A13.

Controlling noise

Most of the works will take place during daytime hours to minimise the effect on the local community. At times when noisy works have to be completed overnight near local housing, we'll make sure residents are given advance notice.

Where possible, we'll make sure noisy works are carried out during the day to avoid disturbing the sleep of nearby residents. When noisy work can't be avoided in areas close to housing, we will bring in special acoustic barriers where suitable to limit the disturbance.

All old environmental barriers – also known as a 'noise fence' – have been removed to make space for construction works. New barriers will be installed in the same areas and some additional areas as soon as possible.

A new low-noise road surface will be laid across the entire width of the carriageway.

Although 2 new lanes are being created, in most areas the new low-noise road surface will either maintain or reduce noise from current levels.

We apologise for any disturbance caused by the construction work.

Managing the effects on local towns and villages

During most of the works, we will keep 2 lanes open on the A13 in both directions. The lanes will have width restrictions so that works can take place at the roadside.

By keeping 2 lanes open in both directions, we reduce the need for drivers to find different routes. This should minimise the risk of road users choosing to divert through local towns and villages.

Ahead of weekend road closures to demolish and replace bridges, we will be advertise the closures well in advance so motorists can avoid the A13 and use suitable alternative routes such as A12, A127 and A130.

Extra controls will be put in place at Horndon on the Hill to protect the residents located nearby.

This will relieve the pressure on roads through Corringham, Horndon on the Hill, Orsett and Stanford-le-Hope and will help to keep traffic flowing during this complex work.

Air quality

Air quality monitoring exercises have been carried out to look at the impact a new third lane on the A13 would have once the works are complete.

It is predicted that levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), small particles (PM2.5) and large particles (PM10) will be well below levels that would cause concern.