A13 roadworks

Caring for the environment

We've been working hard to look after the natural environment around the A13.

Trees, hedges and grassland

A lot of vegetation has been removed around the highway to make enough space for widening the road and building new bridges.

All removal work was timed carefully to avoid the bird nesting season, and was carried out under expert supervision.

We will plant many trees, hedges and areas of grassland once the road works have finished.


Our works contractors, together with a team of ecologists, are making sure protected species such as snakes, slow worms and lizards are moved from the construction site to safe habitats where they can continue to flourish.

We've also worked with specialists to create an artificial badger sett.

Local and sustainable

Where possible, our contractor will use local sub-contractors, suppliers and materials to reduce the carbon impact on the environment, and to support the Thurrock economy.