A13 roadworks

What's happening now

The new third lane on the Orsett Cock roundabout came into use on Thursday 26 May 2022, together with new traffic lights. A temporary 30mph speed limit remains in place while road users get used to the new layout, after which the speed limit will return to 50mph.

Electrical work on street lights is continuing. We expect this to be completed in July 2022. Until then, a temporary 50mph speed limit is in place on the A13.

Overnight lane closures on the A13 are needed to complete work on roadside embankments at the Orsett junction. These lane closures will have minimal impact on road users.

Other lane closures will be needed to install new signs on verges. These will be on the A13 eastbound approach to the Orsett junction and on the A13 westbound approach to the Stanford-le-Hope junction. The lane closures will have minimal impact on road users.

Work is ongoing to complete earthworks and other environmental construction south of the A13, between Saffron Gardens Bridge and the BP Service Area.

A lot of landscape planting has already taken place. More will take place during the winter planting season at the end of 2022.

Work will continue to the north-west of the Stanford-le-Hope junction to build a new balancing pond for surface water. This work will continue until late 2022, but no road closures or lane closures are needed.

Other minor works are being completed in the area. This includes moving the temporary site offices from the A1013 Stanford Road to the A128 Brentwood Road.