A13 roadworks

Widening the A13

The A13 has been widened from 2 lanes to 3 lanes in both directions between the A128 (Orsett Cock roundabout) and the A1014 (The Manorway, Stanford-le-Hope). The new lanes opened on 2 May 2022.

The new 3-lane section of the A13 joins with the 3-lane section west of the A128. This means there's now a continuous 3-lane road in both directions between the M25 and Stanford-le-Hope.

A special low-noise road surface is in place to minimise the noise from the A13. In addition, noise-reducing fences – known as environmental barriers – have been installed to give more protection for nearby residents. Highway drainage, safety barriers and signs also have been improved.

There's now a new dedicated lane on the A13 westbound entry slip road at the Stanford-le-Hope junction so traffic can merge with the A13 westbound carriageway more easily. Work to replace 4 bridges has also been completed:

  • Platinum Jubilee Bridge, previously called Horndon Bridge – a bridleway linking the village of Horndon on the Hill with Stanford-le-Hope
  • Saffron Gardens Bridge – a farm access route
  • Orsett Cock roundabout bridges – 2 bridges that support the roundabout

Temporary speed limits

A temporary 50mph speed limit will remain in place on the A13 between the Stanford-le-Hope and Orsett junctions until electrical work on street lights is completed. This is expected to be in July 2022. Once completed, the national speed limit of 70mph for cars will apply – to check the national speed limit for other vehicles, go to GOV.UK: speed limits.

When using the new road and roundabout, you should take extra care to get familiar with changes to the road, speed limits, signage and lane markings.

Other work to be completed

In addition to the work on traffic lights and street lights, above, some other works are still ongoing. These will have minimal impact on road users and residents. For information on works to be completed, go to what's happening now.

Planned road closures

The table below gives details of road and lane closures. When we say eastbound below, we mean in the direction of Southend-on-Sea. When we say westbound, we mean in the direction of London.

You can check current traffic levels using Google Maps local roads.

Dates Restriction for this project
1 night, Tuesday 5 July, 10pm to 5am

Orsett Cock Roundabout – east bridge closed, with diversion via The Manorway junction A1013 Stanford Road west.

A13 westbound – off-slip road at Orsett Cock Roundabout closed, with diversion via The Manorway junction A1013 Stanford Road west.

A1013 Stanford Road – closed eastbound from the Orsett Cock Roundabout, with diversion via The Manorway junction A1013 Stanford Road west.

More information

Widening the A13 will boost the local economy, helping businesses to increase productivity and create more jobs – read more about why this work is needed.