Abandoned bicycles

Report an abandoned cycle

You can report abandoned bicycles to us.

We may remove a bicycle from a public area if either:

  • it is causing an obstruction – for example, blocking a footpath
  • it is secured in a dangerous way
  • it has not been moved at least 3 days
  • it is not roadworthy

A bicycle is not roadworthy if it has either:

  • a flat or missing tyre
  • a buckled or missing wheel
  • a missing seat
  • bent forks
  • seized, damaged or missing brakes
  • a rusted or missing chain
  • rusted or missing gears

Safe cycle parking

When deciding where to park, remember:

  • you are allowed to park your cycle against a building, street sign pole, or on a cycle rack
  • your cycle must not obstruct any footpath or disabled access ramp
  • your cycle must not be parked against a hand rail, bench, tree, litter bin or parking meter
  • your cycles should not be parked at same place without moving for more than 3 days
  • you are not allowed to park a motorised vehicles anywhere intended for bicycle parking

Reporting an abandoned cycle

For us to deal with your report, you must tell us the exact location of the cycle and give a clear description or photograph to help us identify it.

Simply login to My Account for environmental reporting, select 'Add a report' and choose 'Abandoned cycle' from the category list. You can create an account if you don't already have one.

My account - environmental reporting

What we will do

We will remove a cycle immediately if it is a hazard to public safety. If it appears to have been abandoned, we will attach a notice allowing 14 days before we remove the cycle.

When we remove a cycle we will leave a notice at the site that says why the cycle was removed and how it can be reclaimed. We hold cycles for 14 days before disposing of them.

If your cycle has been removed

If you find a notice saying we have removed your cycle, you may claim the cycle back by using the same My Account 'Environmental reporting' service for an 'Abandoned cycle', as set out above. You must give a clear description or photograph of the cycle and tell us where it had been parked.