Adult care strategies and plans

Adult social care local account

People who use adult social care support and services in Thurrock can share their views on how well we're doing and what we should include in our plans for the future.

'Local account' is a name for the way we work with local people to plan what's most important for those who need support.

Making a positive difference

Working together with local organisations and people who use services, we publish adult social care reports called 'Making a positive difference'.

The report looks at:

  • how we spend our money
  • what we have achieved since we published our last report
  • how we decide what need to do in future
  • how you can tell us what you think

We would like to know your views on this report, such as whether it was helpful, and any suggestions you have to improve it in the future.

Market position and sustainability plans

Local councils must carry out a 'fair cost of care' exercise with care providers across their local market. This is to give us a shared understanding of the local cost of providing care. We have published our findings below.

In carrying out this exercise we looked at lower, middle and upper ranges of costs in the local area for:

  • care homes for those aged 65 years-old and over
  • domiciliary care for those aged 18 years-old and over

Care homes for those aged 65 years-old and over included:

  • standard residential care
  • residential care for enhanced needs
  • standard nursing care
  • nursing care for enhanced needs

For more information, go to GOV.UK: Market sustainability and fair cost of care fund 2022 to 2023 guidance.