Bus passes

Renewing your bus pass

We will either renew your bus pass automatically or send a letter that tells you how you can renew it.

Older person's bus pass

Your bus pass will be renewed automatically. You don't need a new photograph unless your appearance has changed a lot, and you will only need to contact us if your address has changed in the last 2 years. Your new pass will:

  • be sent to your home address
  • last for 5 years

We will post your renewed bus pass 18 days before the old one expires. If it hasn't arrived 1 week before the expiry date, please tell our Passenger Transport Unit.

Disabled person's bus pass

A letter and a renewal application form will be sent to you automatically – you can also use the application form below. You don't need to get a new photograph unless your appearance has changed a lot. When you return the renewal form to us, however, you must provide:

  • 1 proof of age
  • 1 proof of address
  • 1 proof of disability

These are needed to check your conditions have not changed. Your new pass will be valid for 2 years.

Changing address

You must let us know if you have changed address over the last 2 years and your bus pass is about to run out. Use the application form below to send us your change of details no later than 1 calendar month before the end of your bus pass.

There is a £10 replacement fee if you do not tell us your address has changed and, as a result, your renewed bus pass is sent to the wrong address.