Challenging decisions

How to call-in a decision

If you want to call-in a decision of the cabinet, you must:

  • be eligible to call-in a decision
  • send your request within 5 working days of the decision being published
  • give the reasons why you object to the decision
  • offer another solution

You can’t call-in a decision just because you don't like it.

How to call-in a decision of the cabinet

You can call-in a decision of the cabinet, by completing and returning the call-in request form to us. The form can be sent to us by email or by post.

Filling in a call-in request form

Whether returning the form to us by post or by email, the form should include the following information about everyone who has asked for a decision to be looked at again:

  • their name
  • their address
  • their signature

If you are unable to return the signed form by email within the time allowed, the other people supporting your call-in must also send us a separate email confirming their support.

Accepting a call-in

If we accept a call-in, an overview and scrutiny committee will consider it and take one of the following actions:

  • reject the call-in
  • accept it and refer the decision back to the cabinet for re-consideration