Clean it, cut it, fill it

We want Thurrock to be a place that everyone is proud to call home, so we're making an extra effort to:

In January 2018, we agreed a major financial boost for 'Clean it, Cut it, Fill it' to be paid out of cash earned from successful commercial investments. There will now be an extra:

  • £500,000 for cleanliness and grass cutting
  • £1million for road improvement

Clean It

More street cleaners with barrows are helping keep the borough litter-free. Streets get cleaned every 10 days. In Grays Town Centre, street cleaners work every weekday from 6am to 6pm.

We've put 10 'big belly bins' around the borough. These solar-powered litter bins can compress the waste inside, making more room, and send us a message when they need emptying.

The £500,000 investment announced in January will include the purchase of new equipment for graffiti cleaning, drain and gulley maintenance and improving park cleanliness.

Littering and dog fouling offences are now tackled by even more enforcement officers:

  • you could get a £150 fixed penalty notice (FPN) or be taken to court and fined up to £2,500
  • drivers are now responsible for any litter thrown from their cars

Between April 2017 and January 2018, our street cleaners filled almost 70,000 bags with litter that hadn’t been put in bins.

Dropping cigarette butts is a type of littering and could also get you an £150 penalty. Always fully extinguish cigarettes before putting them in the bin. You can get free help to stop smoking.

You risk a £150 fine if you drop litter.

Cut It

The grass in parks, open spaces and verges of main roads is now cut every 15 working days.

Last year we invested in new cutting equipment that's more efficient and reliable. We've replaced old equipment and bought extra tractors and mowers to help us keep to schedule.

Between April 2017 and January 2018, our grass cutters have covered 9,300 acres – that’s more than 14 square miles.

Fill It

In April 2017, the government increased our annual pothole action funding from £110,000 to £153,000. Every major pothole – at least 5cm deep – will be filled.

We received a further £481,000 from the government's National Productivity Investment Fund for important upgrade and improvement work to roads in the borough.

In January 2018, we announced an extra £1million will be spent on road improvement, including re-surfacing, filling potholes, and painting fresh white lines where they're most needed – we will also be replacing entry signs to the borough and our towns.

Between April and December 2017, we filled more than 4,500 potholes on Thurrock roads.

Don't forget, you can still report potholes online:

Report a highway problem