Club premises licence

Club premises certificates overview

Only ‘qualifying’ clubs may hold club premises certificates authorising the supply of alcohol and regulated entertainment.

In order to be a qualifying club:

  • a person may not be given memberships or as a candidate for membership to any membership privileges without an interval of at least two days from their membership application or nomination and their membership being granted
  • that club rules state that those becoming members without nomination or application cannot have membership privileges for at least two days between them becoming members and being admitted to the club
  • that the club is established and conducted in good faith
  • that the club has at least 25 members
  • that alcohol is only supplied to members on the premises on behalf or by the club

Qualifying clubs should not be confused with proprietary clubs, which are clubs run commercially by individuals, partnerships or businesses for profit. These require a premises licence and are not qualifying clubs.

A club premises certificate is a permanent licence, granted in respect of a specific location, that authorises the certificate holder to carry on a combination of the following licensable activities for club members and guests:

  • the sale or supply of alcohol to club members and guests
  • the provision of regulated entertainment (including plays, films, indoor sports, music and dancing)
  • the provision of entertainment facilities
  • the sale of late night refreshment (hot food or drink supplied between 11pm and 5am)