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Bring to life your school curriculum with a visit to Coalhouse Fort and Park.

Our rich and diverse education programme encourages pupil learning as they discover the ecology, history and curious stories that surround the fort.

School visits are best suited for primary and early-stage secondary studies. With advance notice, we can adapt our programmes to fit with a particular topic being covered by your school.

Our activities

Our programme of activities is designed to have strong links with the national curriculum for geography, history, literacy, maths and science.

During visits, children have access to the inside of the fort and our education room. In the park, there is a large area of meadow and marsh with a small woodland where they can engage with the outdoors.

Programmes usually start at 10am and continue to 2:30pm for primary school children or 3pm for secondary school students. These times can be made flexible to suit your needs.

Some programmes are only available at certain times of year – check individual courses for details.

Typical costs are £152.50 for a class of up to 34 primary pupils or 30 secondary students.

We can run courses for up to 2 classes each day.

Contact us with enquiries at:

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You can also check details of individual courses below.

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