Community renewal fund

Call for proposals

We are seeking bids from organisations wishing to deliver activity as part of the UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF).

This £220million fund is a UK Government programme aimed at projects that:

  • invest in skills, community and place
  • support local businesses
  • help people into employment

It is intended to support people and communities most in need across the UK and to pilot new approaches and help prepare for the introduction of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, a government funding programme that replaces EU funding and will begin in 2022.

Funding will be distributed through a competitive bidding process.

UK Community Renewal Fund in Thurrock

We have been designated as the lead authority for Thurrock, which means we are responsible for:

  • issuing the invitation to bid
  • receiving bids
  • selecting bids that will be sent to the government for consideration, up to a maximum value of £3m for all bids combined
  • paying grants
  • managing the performance of projects

We are seeking bids from organisations wishing to deliver activity in Thurrock.

Available funding

The funding available is 90% revenue, so projects should be exclusively or predominantly revenue-based. Funding will not be available to support projects focused on construction, buying land or the purchase of large pieces of equipment.

Whilst there could be up to £3m available to support projects across Thurrock, only those bids that meet an 80% assessment threshold set by the government can be considered for shortlisting and submission to the government.

Funding will be for 2021/22 only.

The government will announce the outcome of their assessment from late July 2021 and activity must finish and be paid for by 31 March 2022.

The invitation to bidders contains further information on the aims of the fund and the priorities supported. It can be downloaded, together with other relevant documents, below.

Submitting your bid

Although not compulsory, it would be helpful if you could let us know by Friday 30 April if you plan to submit a bid. You should send an email to the address at the end of this page, briefly setting out what you plan to do and how much CRF funding you intend to ask for.

Please also let us know if you are happy to be introduced to other organisations who may be interested in delivering similar or complementary activity to see if you can work together.

The deadline for submitting full applications to us is midday, Thursday 20 May. Early submission is encouraged.

We will assess bids and submit a full proposal to the government by midday, Friday 18 June.

The government will announce the outcome of the assessment from late July 2021. We will contact all successful applicants in Thurrock and arrange for contracts to be issued.

Types of projects supported

Projects must deliver activity that aligns with the Community Renewal Fund prospectus. Applications must deliver against at least one of the 4 investment priorities, which are:

  • investment in skills
  • investment in supporting local business
  • investment in communities and place
  • supporting people into employment

There is no minimum size of bid. To maximise project impact and deliverability, however, larger projects with a value of £500,000 or more are strongly encouraged.

How bids will be assessed

Bids will be assessed against the criteria set out in the guidance. The assessment will focus on:

  • the gateway criteria for the Community Renewal Fund – bids that fail to meet these criteria are ineligible
  • the extent to which they meet the objectives of the Community Renewal Fund
  • the extent to which they support delivery or regional or local priorities

Projects will be assessed against:

  • strategic fit
  • deliverability
  • effectiveness
  • efficiency

Only those bids that most closely meet the criteria, and the minimum 80% assessment threshold set by government, can be shortlisted and submitted to the government for consideration.

The government has made clear that it will prioritise projects in certain parts of the UK. Thurrock is not one of those areas but all parts of the UK are welcome to apply.

How to apply

Download our invitation to bid for full details of how to apply.

Before starting work on a bid, go to GOV.UK: UK Community Renewal Fund prospectus to download and read the UK Community Renewal Fund:

  • prospectus
  • technical note for project applicants and deliverers
  • assessment criteria
  • application form

Summary of dates

Activity Deadline / dates
Email us at the address below to tell us whether you plan to submit a bid, what you want to do, and how much CRF funding you plan to ask for 30 April 2021
Project applicants to send their application and last year of accounts to the email address below No later than midday, Thursday 20 May 2021
Project applicants informed by Thurrock Council whether their bid has been shortlisted and sent to the government No later than midday, Friday 18 June 2021
The government announces which projects will be awarded funding Late July 2021 onwards
Project delivery, spend and evaluation From late July 2021 to 31 March 2022


Our privacy notice for the Community Renewal Fund is provided below.

To read the government's privacy notice for this fund, go to GOV.UK: UK Community Renewal Fund privacy notice.

Further support

If you have any queries regarding the Community Renewal Fund or application process, please email the address below.

We are holding online question and answer sessions, where applicants can meet and learn from each other. Sessions will be held on:

  • Friday 23 April, from 10am to 11:30am
  • Tuesday 27 April, from 2pm to 3:30pm

If you would like to join one of these sessions please email the address below.

UK Community Renewal Fund