Coronavirus (COVID-19) business grants

Support for businesses

Financial support is available for businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Additional Restrictions Grant

Support is available for businesses that have been impacted by the government's decision to delay its final stage of easing coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions by 4 weeks, from 21 June to 19 July 2021.

If your business is in the hospitality sector – for example, a pub or restaurant – and has previously received a restart grant payment from us, but has since been further impacted by the government’s additional 4-week delay in removing the final set of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, you will receive an Additional Restrictions Grant payment automatically.

If your business has been impacted by the delay in restrictions easing but is not automatically eligible to receive an Additional Restrictions Grant, you can apply for discretionary support. Limited funding is available for discretionary support so grants will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Business adaptation grants

Small and medium-sized businesses can apply for a grant towards the cost of adaptations needed for coronavirus (COVID-19) safety, where eligible costs amount to more than £1,000. Businesses may receive funding to cover 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum grant of £2,500.

The total amount of funding available is limited so, if your business is eligible, you should complete and submit your application as soon as possible.

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Assistance with business rates

Businesses in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors are entitled to reductions in the business rates bills for 2021/22. If your business is eligible, your business rates bill will be:

  • reduced by 100% for the period from 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021
  • reduced by two-thirds for the period from 1 July 2021 to 31 March 2022

For more information, go to our business rates pages.

Grants you can no longer claim

Businesses in the non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym sectors can no longer register for a one-off Restart Grant. The closing date for registration was 30 June 2021. The final payment date for these grants was 31 July 2021.

Businesses that either were forced to close or were severely affected during the period of restrictions from 2 December 2020 to 29 March 2021 can no longer claim Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 or national restrictions support grants. The closing date for claiming these grants was 31 May 2021. The final payment date for these grants was 30 June 2021.

The discretionary support scheme for businesses severely affected by restrictions from 2 December to 31 January 2021, but not eligible for Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and national restrictions support, closed on 24 March 2021.

Our process for providing discretionary support is currently on hold while await confirmation of further funding from the government. Once we have received this, we'll consider our approach for future support. If you have submitted an application but not yet been told the outcome, we'll contact you once we have the confirmation we need from government.

Businesses that were required to close during the period of restrictions from 5 November 2020 to 2 December 2020 can no longer claim a national restrictions support grant. The closing date for claiming this grant was 31 March 2021. The discretionary support scheme for businesses severely affected by restrictions from 5 November to 2 December 2020, but that did not qualify automatically for a grant, closed on 13 January 2021.

Since November 2020, when the discretionary schemes started, we've provided £3.1million in support to 650 local businesses who were not eligible for the standard schemes. A further 239 businesses in the hospitality, accommodation and leisure sector received top-up allocations totalling £1.8million.

The following government schemes ended on 28 August 2020:

  • Small Business Grants Fund (SBGF)
  • Retail and Hospitality Grant Scheme

Further information and advice

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