Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government and health information

COVID-19 is an illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a type of virus called coronavirus. You should follow government coronavirus (COVID-19) information on the situation in the UK, how to stay safe, and how to help prevent its spread.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are safe, effective and give the best protection against COVID-19.

Check how to get a 1st, 2nd or booster vaccination.

Go to NHS: testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) for advice on getting a test.

Our Thurrock Council services page gives advice on local service changes.

Latest government information and advice

The government provides public information and guidance on the coronavirus pandemic. Go to:

For advice on protecting vulnerable people, go to:

For further general public information, go to:

For advice to employees, businesses and services, go to:

Latest NHS health information

The NHS provides information on how coronavirus is spread and how to avoid catching or spreading germs. Go to NHS: coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

If you're worried your child might have the virus, go to NHS: coronavirus symptoms in children.

To stay safe:

  • get vaccinated
  • wash your hands regularly
  • wear a face covering in crowded indoor places
  • open windows if you're meeting indoors
  • stay at home if you're unwell
  • get tested and self-isolate if you need to
  • download the NHS COVID-19 app

Go to NHS 111 online: coronavirus (COVID-19) advice to find out what to do if you think you have symptoms or have been exposed to the virus.

Latest vaccination advice

Vaccinations are managed by the NHS, not by Thurrock Council. You can get a 1st, 2nd or booster vaccination. Read about vaccination safety.

For information about vaccinations locally, go to NHS: COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Essex. For more general information, go to NHS: Coronavirus vaccination.

Be alert for scam messages offering you the option to pay for a vaccination – a genuine message from the NHS will never ask for bank account or financial details.

Local support

Residents and businesses can get advice on fraud, scams and staying safe online.

The Thurrock Community Coronavirus Action (TCCA) partnership – which offered support to those who had to self-isolate and had no family or friends who could help – ended on 31 March 2022.

To find other local support, go to Stronger Together Thurrock: support for residents.

The Test and Trace Support payment scheme closed on 24 February 2022 and accepted final applications on 6 April 2022.

Outbreak control plan for Thurrock

You can download the Public Health COVID-19 outbreak control plan for Thurrock, below.