How we buy

Contract lists

We ask for quotations online for contracts valued:

  • from £10,000 to £75,000 for goods and services
  • from £10,000 to £500,000 for works

The process is run through our tendering system called Delta eSourcing, using a feature called Quick Call.

If you are a supplier you can send us an email with a very brief explanation of what your company provides. We will set you up on a bespoke contract list.

If you are not already registered on Delta eSourcing you will be sent an invite to register.

Contract lists will be sorted according to suppliers’ industry area. This means we will be able to send you a request for quote when looking for particular goods or services.

Being on a contract list does not guarantee you work but it makes you available if the requirement arises

Send your company details to:

Procurement contract lists


Approved supplier lists

We do not keep approved supplier lists for any of our purchases.