Damp and mould

What we are doing

As part of our 5-year Transforming Homes programme we are improving properties that have underlying or long-standing problems with damp, condensation and mould.

There are 3 stages in this process:

  • survey stage – a survey of the whole property, which includes a check for damp and condensation
  • specialist survey stage – a full survey by a specialist who can recommend how best to deal with damp
  • works stage – remedial work and monitoring by a qualified team

We can eradicate damp, or reduce condensation to stop mould re-growing. The way we do this may include:

  • upgrading central heating, insulation, windows or external doors
  • providing of draught proofing or extractor fans
  • installing trickle vents or airbricks
  • rendering external walls
  • repairing or renewing roofs and gutters
  • injecting chemicals to the damp proof course
  • re-plastering internal walls
  • treating with fungicide