Design guide for planning

Residential alterations and extensions

Our homes are important to our identity and quality of life. Together, they are equally important in shaping how our towns and landscapes look and feel.

Our design guide gives advice to residents who wish to:

  • expand their home
  • alter their home
  • convert other buildings for residential use

By offering clear guidance and design standards, our intention is to help protect and enhance the quality of Thurrock's built environment for all.

Design guide

Our design guide for residential alterations and extensions includes:

  • advice on good design process when planning and building an extension or alteration
  • context to consider depending on where a project is located in Thurrock
  • design principles for all residential alteration, extension and conversion projects
  • further guidance and standards for 10 common projects, such as rear extensions, roof alterations and outbuildings

The guide is a supplementary planning document (SPD), giving detailed guidance to support policies and proposals in the Core Strategy Local Plan. This means it will be taken into account when deciding planning applications.

This design guide has replaced any content related to residential alterations and extensions in the annexes of the Borough Local Plan adopted in 1997.