Digital and information technology strategy

Steps we will take to become a digital exemplar

We are currently a digital adopter working towards becoming a digital exemplar.

Digital beginner

Building block Evidence
Digital leadership A few isolated models of digital services. Absence of clear joined up ICT and data strategy.
Digital awareness Limited understanding among staff of impact of digital on service delivery and attainment of community priorities.
Digital by default Digital not considered or is an after-thought for employee, public and partner services.
Digital platforms Little or no availability of digital platforms and tools and limited connection with ICT and others strategies.
Digitally skilled Low levels of digital skills.

Digital adopter – where we are now

Building block Evidence
Digital leadership There are some digital service offers that are beginning to cross departmental and organisational boundaries. Tech and data strategies are starting to be merged.
Digital awareness There is a basic level of digital awareness and some opportunities to use digital to support business objectives.
Digital by default Digital options for services are considered on a case by case basis and embedded in annual planning.
Digital platforms Limited use of digital platforms and tools and limited use of data. There is agreement on the approach to future use of technology.
Digitally skilled Key digital skills and roles are starting to be defined and basic digital competency in some areas.

Digital master

Building block Evidence
Digital leadership Research and innovation is widespread, with clear partnerships in place, and some clear proofs of concept for new models. Clear, linked tech and data strategies in place and working.
Digital awareness Comprehensive awareness of digital opportunities to transform service delivery and strong partnerships in place.
Digital by default Digital designed as the default option for the majority of services and investment based on agreed priorities.
Digital platforms Increased organisational efficiency and effectiveness from general use of digital platforms and tools generating joined up data.
Digitally skilled Advanced digital skills, clear workforce and recruitment development plan.

Digital exemplar

Building block Evidence
Digital leadership Innovative models of service embedded, co-designed and partnered across our delivery system. Service solutions are constantly tested and evaluated.
Digital awareness Clear ability and competence to identify and pursue new strategic opportunities using digital expertise and collaborative work with partners.
Digital by default All internal and external products and services designed, where appropriate, as digital and fully based on user needs.
Digital platforms Digital platforms and tools enabling smarter ways of working, with joined up technology, tools and data across local partners.
Digitally skilled Digitally 'native' with an implemented recruitment and development plan and widely available skills development.