Digital and information technology strategy

Theme 1 – a connected place

Locally-provided technology will bring our communities together and improves quality of life within Thurrock.

Our ambition is to build Thurrock as a 'smart place.' A smart place uses digital technologies to enhance service delivery and wellbeing, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to also engage more effectively and actively with citizens.

We will lead the creation of 'Thurrock as a Platform' to build an environment that supports the delivery of the wider community priority of place making. We will work with our partners and create new infrastructure and connectivity such as ultra-fast broadband and widely available public access Wi-Fi. We will also share our existing infrastructure, technology and applications in ways that were not possible before to redesign services and enable a broad range of solutions to be developed to better meet community needs.

What we will do to create a connected place

Intended digital outcome Potential technology enabler
Thurrock becomes a recognised smart place, fully connected to the 'Internet of Things'. Develop a smart place strategy in partnership with commercial and community organisations.
Consumers and businesses have a better online experience via the deployment of ultrafast broadband. Build and deploy an open standard smart Infrastructure, comprising wired and wireless networks and physical infrastructure, leveraging existing assets – for example, street light network.
Quality of life is enhanced in Thurrock through the smart enablement of the borough. Traffic management platform to control congestion and air quality using sensors.
Environmental platform to control fly tipping, littering etc. using sensors and surveillance technologies.
Independent living platform, combining health and care data with home and wearable sensors to help older and vulnerable people live fully independent lives.
Thurrock's culture and heritage are readily accessible to all. Digitise our cultural and heritage assets.

Cultural changes required:

  • Connected Thurrock is aligned to key strategies such as the Local Plan, Place Making Strategy Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Infrastructure Requirements List, approach to community hubs and emerging smart place strategy
  • publicise and advocate Thurrock as a digital community
  • target the inclusion of citizens and businesses as key digital stakeholders
  • provide community education, training and support to promote digital inclusion
  • develop commercial and service models for consumers and businesses

Success criteria:

  • 100% of citizens and businesses have access to broadband
  • higher satisfaction ratings achieved within residents survey
  • there is an increase in the number of small business start-up rates
  • there is an increase in revenues from business rates