Digital and information technology strategy

Theme 2 – enabling collaboration

Collaboration will enable us to work more effectively with our partners and each other.

Our current and future financial situation is characterised by having fewer resources and a rising demand for service from an ageing population. As a result demand is being generated to use data differently and this data, whether open data, or data shared within relevant public sector organisations, is becoming central to how we redesign our services. By developing a better understanding of customer data we can use it to target our services where they are needed the most and intervene early where appropriate.

The national agenda to integrate health and social care will feature largely in shaping the digital future of Thurrock. A key challenge does not lie in the technology, however, but in placing the individual at the heart of service design and dealing with the cultural change implications of this.

At its heart, it is about ensuring that everyone can get the right care and support, whatever their needs, at every point in their care journey. But it is also about efficient, joined-up and digital services. The demand for a closer integration of health and social care is providing an opportunity for a radical redesign of services.

What we will do to enable collaboration

Intended digital outcome Potential technology enabler
Communities and third-sector groups can work better together by accessing new digital channels and functionality. Create the Thurrock Community Cloud making council applications available on a tenanted basis for organisations to use on a paid or non-paid basis.
The council and its partners work together better through seamless sharing of data. Develop a secure data exchange platform that allows Thurrock data to be exchanged with external partners.
The council makes data sets and information available on a commercial or open basis.
Council partners can work seamlessly on council premises with full access to their own networks. Provide single wireless point of access for partners across all council premises.

Cultural changes required:

  • alignment to cross agency strategies, including NHS Local Digital Roadmaps, Greater Essex Information Sharing, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), national government transformation strategy
  • Thurrock assumes a "can do" leadership role in championing data transparency. Our default position is that we will share our data – in line with regulations – rather than hiding it

Success criteria:

  • citizens needs are better understood through more intelligent use of data resulting in better targeting of resources
  • more efficient joint working with a wider range partners
  • reduced total cost of providing services
  • better outcomes for citizens
  • reduced office accommodation requirements as employees from different organisations are enabled to collaborated electronically
  • less time and money spent on travel expenses as the need to travel to meetings decreases