Digital and information technology strategy

Theme 5 – high availability

High availability will ensure our services are available when and where they are needed.

Our ambition is to build a resilient, reliable and highly available infrastructure that enables front line service delivery, and provides our users with a consistent good quality computing experience. Our platform will be based upon proven technology and provide the flexibility to meet the council's need. We will continue our hybrid cloud approach.

The IT architecture must remain agnostic to where individual components are hosted and therefore we will continue to procure primarily on fitness for purpose and value for money rather than arbitrarily committing ourselves to either cloud or on-premise solutions. It is expected that an on premise presence will be required for the duration of this strategy and beyond.

What we will do to ensure high availability

Intended digital outcome Potential technology enabler
Our platform provides users 99.9 % availability 24 hours a day. Upgrade our main data centre to industry standard.
Prefer cloud solutions (Platform as a Service and Software as a Service) where appropriate and beneficial.
Maintain the infrastructure at all key business sites and provide an IT offering that meets the business needs.
User experience monitoring.
Removal of single points of failure within the infrastructure.
50% of our people can continue to work in the event of a disaster to allow our priority services to continue. Develop a secondary data centre room capability.
Create mirror infrastructure.
The information that we hold about people is safe and secure. Continually enhance our cyber security defences.

Cultural changes required:

  • adoption of a council-wide enterprise architecture model
  • adoption of a strategic roadmap and forward schedule of change

Success criteria:

  • users can use our services online at any time of the day
  • user experience is faster, better and more satisfying
  • there are no successful breaches of our cyber defences