Digital and information technology strategy

Theme 6 – digitally capable

We will build our future capability to deliver technology services through a broader range of partnerships including suppliers and other public bodies.

Our ambition is to be a digital council, serving a digital borough. This inevitably means there will be pressure on technology costs to rise. It is essential that our delivery capability is designed to ensure that we maximize benefits in the most efficient way possible and that our organisation evolves in a way that allows us to keep up with the ever increasing pace of digital change.

What we will do to become digitally capable

Intended digital outcome Potential technology enabler
Technology is a significant revenue generator for the council. Develop business plan to deliver managed and professional services.
Technology cost base is optimised. Share services – where appropriate – with other local authorities.
Centralise digital and technology skill sets within the council.
Technology informs individual service strategies. Broaden the capability of our engineering staff with more generalist service and strategic skills to better meet the needs of client services.
Thurrock is recognised and respected for its technology capability.

Cultural changes required:

  • commercial culture to be encouraged and developed across delivery teams
  • silo mentality to digital resources to be challenged
  • matrix working to be accepted as normal across council
  • effective communication of success stories
  • recognition that the cost of providing new technologies will rise as a percentage of general fund expenditure which needs to be netted off against business case benefits realisation

Success criteria:

  • win at least one nationally-recognised award for our digital achievement
  • the contribution to the general fund from traded technology services increases significantly from current levels
  • staff satisfaction survey for IT and digital capability surpasses national average