Enforcement policy


We enforce a wide range of laws to protect the community.

We believe that:

  • regulatory laws must be enforced firmly but fairly
  • prevention is better than cure.

Where possible we will try to help businesses comply with laws by working with them early on, giving them information and advice. There are many types of formal action we can take, however, including:

  • informal action
  • issuing a fixed penalty notice (FPN) or penalty charge notice (PCN)
  • refusal, revocation or suspension of licence
  • issuing a statutory notice
  • issuing a prohibition notice
  • enforcement undertaking or injunctive proceedings
  • seizure
  • confiscation or forfeiture proceedings
  • simple cautions
  • prosecution
  • making a proceeds of crime application

Our enforcement policy sets out when and how we use our legal powers and explains what the different types of action involve.