Fixed Penalty Notice charges

By law, we may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for some offences.

FPNs are a means of enforcement that avoids a criminal record for the defendant. We may issue a FPN for a first offence without giving a warning.

The table below shows the FPN amount to be paid for each type of offence.

Environment offences

Offence Amount to be paid
Engine idling £20 if paid within 28 days,
£40 after 28 days
Nuisance parking £100
Dog fouling £150
Fly-posting £150
Graffiti £150
Littering £150
Urinating £150

Unauthorised distribution of literature on designated land


Abandoning a vehicle £200

Smoking offences

Offence Amount to be paid

Smoking in a designated smoke-free place


Failure to display a no-smoking sign when required


Waste disposal offences

Offence Amount to be paid
Unauthorised disposal of waste – fly-tipping £400
Duty of care – domestic waste £400
Commercial waste receptacle offences £110
Failure to furnish document – waste carriers licence £300
Failure to produce authority – waste transfer notes £300

Skip offences

Offence Amount to be paid
Failure to secure removal of a skip £100
Depositing a builder's skip on a highway without permission £100
Failure to secure lighting or other markings on a builder's skip with name and address £100
Failure to remove or reposition a builder's skip £100

Highway offences

Offence Amount to be paid
Wilful obstruction of the highway £100
Erecting a building, fence or hedge on a highway £100
Pitching of stalls, booths or stands or encamping on a highway £100
Depositing anything on the highway to the interpretation of the user £100
Depositing material on a made-up carriageway £100
Depositing material etc. within 15 feet from the centre of a made up carriageway £100

Street trading offences

Offence Amount to be paid
Unlicensed street trading £100
Failure to produce a Street Trading licence on demand £100
Using stall, etc., for roadside sales in certain circumstances £100

Compliance failures and breaches of orders, notices or conditions

Offence Amount to be paid
Breach of Community Protection Notice (CPN) £100
Breach of Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) £100
Breach of condition of a street trading licence or temporary licence £100
Failure to comply with conditions of permission £100
Failure to comply with a notice requiring removal of tree or shrub £100
Failure to comply with a notice requiring works to prevent soil and refuse escaping onto the street or into a sewer £100