Filming in Thurrock

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – location filming

We follow British Film Commission coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance. For each filming request, we will need a full risk assessment of all COVID-19 specific risks associated with the proposed activity at each location. All cast, crew and contractors on location must be aware of their responsibilities within the risk assessment.

During national restrictions, we are unable to authorise any filming activity on our council-owned land or highways. This will be kept under review as the national and local situation changes.

We are unable to make filming agreements at this time but if you would like to discuss future requirements, please email full details including possible dates to

How to apply

Thurrock Film Office is a one-stop service for production companies.

We will give you:

  • a dedicated contact person for all filming enquiries
  • professional and friendly service
  • local knowledge
  • coordinated support across all our services

You can rely upon us to provide excellent support before, during and after your shoot.

Apply to film in Thurrock

Please contact us if you are interested in using Thurrock as a film location.

Thurrock Film Office


Our rates

The table below shows our support charges.

Fee type Small crew of 1 to 5 people Medium crew 6 to 15 people Large crew 16 to 50 people
Administration Fee for processing licence applications £50 £100 £150
Fee for street filming – one off £50 £125 £175
Location fee – full day £500 to £700 £800 to £1,000 £1,100 to £2,000
Location fee – half day £350 £450 £750
Location fee – per hour £125 £150 £200

Our full day rates may be negotiable if filming is to take place over several days.

We will give prices on application for filming that involves a very large crew of more than 50 people.

There may be additional fees if filming requires traffic management, parking, temporary structures or use of drones – ask for details.

The charges above do not apply for students or individuals taking stills or recording film for personal use.