Filming in Thurrock

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – location filming

We follow British Film Commission coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance. For each filming request, we will need a full risk assessment of all COVID-19 specific risks associated with the proposed activity at each location. All cast, crew and contractors on location must be aware of their responsibilities within the risk assessment.

Your ideal location

Thurrock has been used as a location for filming since the 1920s. Companies choose our sites for their authenticity, superb settings, convenience for travel and the excellent support services.

Rich in character

The diversity of our potential sites for filming is unique.

Our range of landscapes include:

  • rural and urban
  • historic and contemporary
  • industrial and residential
  • riverfront and docks

We can facilitate access to a wide variety of locations.

Industrial estates Factories Farms Offices
Forts Country houses High rise flats Pubs
Woodlands Marshes Lakes Riversides
Marinas Leisure centres Libraries Parks
Theatre Schools Colleges Civic buildings
Shopping centres High streets Car parks Subways

In short, it is unlikely that there is a type of location which cannot be found in Thurrock – all just a stone's throw from London!

Choose Thurrock

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By choosing Thurrock, you'll be following many successful productions that have been filmed here over many decades.