Drainage approval

A sustainable drainage system (SuDS) is designed to reduce the impact surface water drainage on new and existing developments.

The main purpose of SuDS is to mimic the natural drainage of the site before development. It does this by capturing rainfall and allowing as much as possible to evaporate or soak into the ground close to where it fell. The rest is directed to the nearest watercourse to be released at the same rate and volumes as before development.

By mimicking natural drainage patterns, SuDS benefit the environment by removing pollutants, including metals and hydrocarbons from roads and car parks, before reaching a watercourse. As a result, water entering the watercourse is cleaner and does not harm wildlife habitats.

SuDS generally replace traditional underground piped systems that use grates or storm water drains at street level. This means any problems with the system are quicker and easier to find and likely to be cheaper and more straightforward to fix.