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Christmas lights

Publication date: 
Monday 25 February 2019

1. How much the Council spent on Christmas trees and Christmas lights over the Christmas period (2018/19)?

2. What was the cost of:

  • putting the trees and lights (including street lights) up
  • taking the trees and lights (including street lights) down again
  • the electricity costs over the Christmas period?
  • the complete cost of Christmas decorations

Total cost of Christmas scheme for Grays Town Centre in 2018 was £10,300, this included:

  • Installation and removal of scheme (tree & lights) – this includes purchasing the tree, storage and transport etc.
  • Maintenance & Storage of Christmas lights throughout the year
  • Testing of lamp columns

Cost associated with the Christmas tree is £5,393.33. The remaining £4,906.67 is associated to the Motifs/Tree Lights/Switch-On and accompanying services.

In 2017/18: Corringham Community Forum received £27,432 from Community Environmental Development Fund this was for the next three years  Christmas lights

Stanford le Hope received £10,000  from Community Environmental Development Fund 2018/19 £10,000 for 1 years 2018-19

Purfleet /South Ockendon/Aveley Forums Christmas lights are funded by the community themselves by funded raising all year round.

Tilbury are given £3,000 toward their lights

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