Freedom of information response

Climate Strike Absences

Publication date: 
Friday 31 May 2019

1) The number of unauthorised absences from your schools due to pupils participating in the Friday climate change strikes.    
2) The number of fines issued related to these unauthorised absences. 
3) The number of prosecutions underway, if any, for non-payment of these fines. 


Unfortunately Thurrock Council are unable to provide the information you have requested.  This is because we do not hold this information. We do not gather absence data from schools on a day to day basis, you would need to seek the information from each school on an individual basis for the specific date.  Please see the following web link which provides information on the schools and colleges within the borough:

Secondly, under the terms of our Penalty Notice Code of Conduct, Thurrock Council does not issue penalty notices for only one day of unauthorised absence. Our service didn’t receive any enquiries from schools or parents in respect of this action.

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which the council have managed your request you can pursue an independent review by contacting us at the above address and your request will be considered by the Strategic Lead - Information Management who will update you with the outcome. 

You may also wish to refer your case to the Information Commissioner’s Office, details of this organisation can be found at . Alternatively they can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.

Request reference:
FOI 9015