Freedom of information response

Costs associated with Building New Council Offices

Publication date: 
Thursday 30 July 2020

Would you please be able to supply me with the following information in respect of the project to build new Council offices and a Council chamber in New Road, Grays.

All project planning, consultancy, design and planning costs. Both planned costs and monies spent to date.

All costs associated with moving nearby businesses, including land purchase costs. Both planned costs and monies spent to date.

If the designated funds for this project are borrowed, the borrowing costs over the life of the project and until any borrowing is repaid.

An estimate of the number hours council officers worked on the project and an estimated cost.


The Council plans to spend £9.8m on the Civic Centre extension. Spend to date on design, planning and works is £915k.  Payments to suppliers information is publically available on the council’s website at  

Land assembly is part of the wider South Grays Regeneration scheme which his still ongoing. All land related costs remain commercially sensitive to protect the Council’s future negotiating position.

The project is funded from existing capital budgets and returns as detailed in the report which went to Cabinet on 12 December 2018.

The Civic Centre extension project is part of the wider South Grays Regeneration scheme. It is not possible to estimate officer time given over to any individual parts of the scheme.

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