Freedom of information response

Council dispute with refuse workers

Publication date: 
Thursday 1 July 2021
  1. How much has this dispute actually cost the council, so far?
  2. How much is the council paying for the drop sites that it has set up?
  3. How much extra has been set aside to pay for the extra rubbish clearance that will have been fly-tipped?
  4. How much is the annual saving that you expected to achieve through the changes to the refuse workers pay?
  5. What is the offset  to just paying the staff to do their job after the extra costs that you have been chosen to pay out?
  1. £109,132 is the expected final cost as at 7/6/21
  2. £6,000
  3. This will be managed from existing budgets but may be a pressure across the year – it is not projected at this point though.
  4. Phase 2 of the pay review includes a commitment to re-pay an £800,000 additional investment that was made during Phase 1 of the pay review. The review of allowances applies across the whole Council,  not just to refuse staff, and repays the additional investment.
  5. Costs of industrial action to the Council are set out in answers to questions 1 and 2 above. Staff costs have reduced during the period as striking staff are not paid by the Council during industrial action. The cost reduction in relation to salaries during the strike is approx. £194k.

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