Freedom of information response

Current Contracts

Publication date: 
Thursday 2 May 2024

Contracts information required for;
1)     0-19 Services
2)     Falls Prevention Services
3)     Integrated Lifestyle Services
4)     Smoking Cessation Services
5)     Drugs & Alcohol Services
6)     Sexual Health Services
7)     Domestic abuse services
8)     Health Check Services
9)     Weight Management (adult & children)
10)  Diabetic Eye screening
Request Details:
1.    Contract Information:
o    Contract ID/Reference
o    Contract Name/Description
o    Contract Start Date
o    Contract End Date
o    Details of any contract renewals/extensions, if applicable
o    Contract Annual Value/Amount
2.    Contact Information:
o    Name of current provider
o    Name and Title of the current providers key contact
o    Contact Email Address for the current providers key contact
o    Name of the procurement  lead for the contract
o    Contact Email Address for procurement  lead for the contract
3.    Portal Information
•        The name of the portal which will be used for Procurement


Please see attached

Request reference:
FOI 13715