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Education Committee co-opted members

Publication date: 
Thursday 23 July 2020

1) Does Thurrock Council education committee include any co-opted (non-councillor) members?

2) If yes to Q1, do co-opted members have full privileges of councillor members on the committee, i.e. do they have voting rights?

3) If yes to Q1, Please provide information on the co-opted members:
a) is there a process for their being co-opted?
b) are they co-opted to represent a specific group or organisation?
c) do they have specific titles associated with their position?


1) We have a Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee which has 5 co-opted Members on it. The co-optees are: 

Church of England Representative

Catholic Church Representative

2 Parent Governor Representatives

1 HealthWatch Representative

2) 4 co-optees have voting rights on educational matters only. For all non-educational matters at the committee they are non-voting.

The HealthWatch representative is entirely non-voting .

3) The religious and HealthWatch representatives are nominated by their respective organisations when contacted by the Council. The Parent Governors are contacted as a group by the Education Department in the council and an open application process is followed whereby the governors nominate themselves for the role. If more governors nominate themselves than places, an impartial draw is held.

b) See previous answers

c) They are known as ‘Co-opted Members’ of the Children’s Services Committee.

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