Freedom of information response

EHCP OT Provision

Publication date: 
Monday 9 September 2019

Who delivers OT support for children as part of the EHCP process for the LEA? For example, is this the local NHS trust, a private organisation or a combination of both.

EHCP OT advice:

  • the number of requests for OT advice to inform an EHCP that you have commissioned in the past 12 months
  • the number of these requests still outstanding
  • the average time between requesting the EHCP OT advice and the report being returned to the LEA over the past 12 months


  • the number of outstanding EHCP termly / annual / half termly reviews under EHCP provision that are waiting to be completed
  • the average wait time for these reviews to take place

Out of Area students:

  • the number of children and young people who are attending an education establishment out of area and who's EHCP OT requirements are not able to be met by their education establishments locality OT service


  • the number of approved occupational therapy treatment hours on EHCP plans for students in the calendar year 2018-19 that are not currently being provided

Is there a lack of capacity within the locality OT team to provide the required volume of EHCP OT intervention required by the LEA?


In issuing our response the council have applied S12 of the Freedom of Information Act. 

This means that the council does not have to comply with your request if the cost of doing so exceeds the ‘appropriate limit’, which for local authorities is 18 hours.  This applies to the time taken spent locating and collating the requested information.   

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in responding, the service involved has indicated that some of the questions will result in the appropriate limit of 18 hours being exceeded, however, we are still awaiting confirmation as to which questions will need to be removed in order for you to narrow the scope of your request.  Once we are in receipt of this information we will contact you again.

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FOI 9060