Freedom of information response

Elected members

Publication date: 
Monday 6 January 2020

1. A copy of the protocols and procedures in place to accept representations from elected members on behalf of a data subject?

Do you accept verbal representations?

  • If, so do require a subsequent written proof? 

3. How do you manage verbal representations?

4. What protocols and procedures do you have in place for staff to ensure they do not release personal or sensitive information to elected members without proof of consent?

5. Do you forward the data subjects personal information in response to an elected member representation to non-corporate email accounts? 

6. Do you have a separate protocol or procedure for the release of sensitive data?

7. Can you include a copy of any training slides, notes or guidance given to staff concerning managing representations from elected members?


1.    The process at Thurrock to manage Members Enquiries is as follows:

o   All Members Enquiries must be logged on our corporate complaints/enquiries system in order that the council can have an overview of the nature of enquiries being received, track the progress of any given enquiry and to monitor responsiveness generally to ensure a timely and appropriate issue resolution

o   All Members Enquiries should be sent direct to

o   Members should use their email account to raise enquiries

o   All Members Enquiries should receive a full response within 7 working days of the date of receipt

2.    Our response to Question 1 covers this as all Member Enquiries must to be sent via email to  It should also be noted that Elected Members are Data Controllers in their right when dealing with member enquiries (and are legally responsible for complying with the Data Protection Act)

3.    Not applicable, as our process is for Member Enquiries to be submitted to

4.    All staff are trained in the Data Protection Act and this training is a mandatory requirement

5.    All responses issued to members are sent to their official council email address

6.    A separate procedure does not exist for the release of sensitive data. If sensitive data is in scope of the Member Enquiry, then the data subject/individual would reasonably expect their sensitive personal data to be disclosed to the Member in order to respond to their complaint/enquiry

7.    The guidance to staff is the same as the guidance sent to Members. With this in mind this has been responded to in Question 1 above

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