Freedom of information response

Electric Vehicle charge points

Publication date: 
Tuesday 10 March 2020

1. How many electric vehicle charging points have the council installed in the local authority? (split slow/medium/fast)

2. How many do you plan to install over the next year? (split slow/medium/fast)

3. How much has currently been budgeted for electric vehicle infrastructure?

4. Are you receiving funding/grants for electric vehicle infrastructure from central government?

5. Are you paying for the capital expenditure of the electric vehicle infrastructure EV points or is it are they being installed for free as part of a profit share/rental model?

6. If you have paid for the capital expenditure, are you generating a profit?

7. Do you think the LA is sufficiently prepared with electric vehicle infrastructure for the anticipated increase in demand for electric vehicles?

8. Are you able to provide any usage data for the charge points installed?


1. There are 4 locations in the borough at present, 3 publically accessible and 1 privately accessible. Each public location has 2 charge points in each; 1 being a 3Kw charger (3-pin plug) and 1 being a 7Kw Charger (Type 2 Menneke). The private accessible location has 2 Type 2 Menneke chargers.

2. For the 2020/21 fiscal year, the Authority aims to upgrade the current locations to with new charging units that are minimum type 2 Menneke 7Kw chargers and increase number of charging units to circa. 14 units across the borough

3. The Authority is seeking funding of circa. £17.5k for the 2020/21 fiscal year, to enable OLEV funding to progress in 2020/21 fiscal year

4. No approval to date, but the Authority is seeking bid submission to the OLEV fund

5. A Pilot is being worked on at present and as such, these particular parameters are under discussion with the pilot operator

6. As above

7. The Authority is undertaking a pilot for the 2020/21 fiscal year; but will also run in parallel a Tender for a Strategic partnership for the subsequent 14 years to increase the infrastructure in line with the Government target on combustion engine ban by 2035

8. Not at this time as the current units are managed by two providers; Polar for the Public units and New Motion for the private unit. However, all data is provided to OLEV

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