Freedom of information response

Fixed penalty notices on parents/guardians

Publication date: 
Friday 20 March 2020

1. A copy of your code of practice for issuing fixed penalty notices
2. How many fixed penalty notices were issued in your area in 2017, 2018 and 2019
3. The most common criteria for triggering a fixed penalty notice
4. The total number of prosecutions in the above years under sections 444(1) and 444(1A) of the Education Act 1996


1.  This can be found on Thurrock’s website:
2. Academic Year 2016/17 424 issued. 2017/18 1157 issued. 2018/19 1681 issued.
3. We issued more notices in respect of unauthorised leave of absence than for irregular attendance.
4. Academic Year 2016/17 48. 2017/18 96. 2018/19 147.

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