Freedom of information response

Fleet Vehicles

Publication date: 
Monday 16 September 2019

(1) Please can you provide the following information about your fleet of heavy goods vehicles as of two points in time (01/07/2015 and 01/07/2019):
Please provide a schedule of your fleet over 3.5 tonnes, detailing the following information:
1. The type of vehicle >3.5 tonnes:
a. Refuse Collection Vehicles [use: household waste collection]
b. Tankers [use: mainline sewers, gullies and drains]
c. Sweepers [use: street and road cleaning]
d. Skip Loaders and Hook Lifts [use: waste management / general use]
e. All Other Vehicles >3.5 tonnes
2. How the vehicle is owned/funded:
a. Owned Outright
  Definition: The vehicle was bought directly by your council with no specific funding tied to the vehicle
b. Finance Lease
  Definition: The vehicle is funded by a finance lease secured against the vehicle for an agreed period of time, with ownership and risk transferring to the council at the end of the finance period
c. Spot Hire
  Definition: The vehicle is being hired on a temporary basis from another party with no time commitment
d. Fixed-Term Contract Hire / “Operating Lease”
  Definition: The vehicle is being hired on a long-term basis for an agreed time-period, typically for more than 3 years
e. Other (please state)
3. Where the procurement method is not Owned Outright, please name the supplier of finance/rental
4. Date vehicle joined your fleet and expected de-fleet date
5. Make and model, indicating Euro 5 or Euro 6 (where known)
6. Where known, list price of vehicle when purchased
(2) Where are these vehicles generally maintained: (a) your own workshops, (b) a workshop run by the outsourcing company that you use, or (c) a workshop run by a third party?
Where there are any differences across the schedule of fleet provided above, please indicate.
(3) Please can you provide the following information about your waste collection services as of two points in time (01/07/2015 and 01/07/2019):
1. Total annual budget for waste collection services (£k)
2. Do you provide waste collection services in-house, or do you outsource your waste collection services to a private company?
3. Where you have outsourced any waste collection or street cleaning services to a private company please can you provide the following information:
a. Name of Company providing the service
b. Length of Contract (Months)
c. Contract Start Date (dd/m/yy)
d. Number of Refuse Collection Vehicles >3.5 tonnes used to fulfil contract (#)


(1). ​ Please see attached document Appendix A.

2.   Owned Outright

3.   N/A

4.   Vehicles in green are owned in 2015. Vehicles in yellow are new fleet and date of delivery. Replacement date = 7 years from date of delivery

5.   All are Euro 6

6.   This information is Commercially Sensitive, please see below for further explanation.

(2)  Vehicles serviced in-house.


1.   2015/16 Budget as at 01/07/2015 = £5,298,174. 2019/20 Budget as at 01/07/2019 = £5,497.235

2.   Service provided in-house

3.   Service provided in-house

Section 43 – Commercial Interests Exemption wording

In issuing our response the Council has applied S43 of the Freedom of Information Act.  Information is exempt information if its disclosure under this Act would, or would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of any person (including the public authority holding it).  A commercial interest relates to a person’s ability to successfully participate in a commercial activity, i.e. the purchase and the sale of goods or services. 

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Request reference:
FOI 9336