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Food for life accreditation

Publication date: 
Tuesday 10 December 2019

1. The present number of schools within the school catering operation who have Food for Life accreditation and whether they are primary or secondary schools and the accreditation level (Gold, Silver or Bronze).  

2. A list of the schools who have Food for Life accreditation

3. The number of school meals served daily with Food for Life accreditation


The schools in Thurrock with FFL Accreditation at Gold Level plus the Catering Service as a whole, please see below for confirmation.

Of these schools, the primary school & special school there is a daily average of 6500 meals served.

Enterprises Status

Education – Primary - Gold

Education – Secondary - Gold

Education – Special - Gold

Sites/Outlets Status

Abbots Hall Primary School, Thurrock, SS17 7BW - Gold

Arthur Bugler Inf. & Jun. School, Thurrock, SS17 7BQ - Gold

Aveley Primary School, Thurrock, RM15 4AA - Gold

Benyon Primary School, Thurrock, RM15 6PG - Gold

Bonnygate Primary School, Thurrock, RM15 5BA - Gold

Bulphan Primary School, Thurrock, RM14 3RL - Gold

Chadwell St Mary Primary School, Thurrock, RM16 4DH - Gold

Deneholm Primary School, Thurrock, RM16 2SS - Gold

Dilkes Primary School, Thurrock, RM15 5JQ -  Gold

East Tilbury Primary School, Thurrock, RM18 8SB - Gold

Giffards Primary Primary School, Thurrock, SS17 7TG - Gold

Herringham Primary School, Thurrock, RM16 4JX - Gold

Holy Cross Primary (& PRU) School, Thurrock, RM15 5RP - Gold

Horndon on the Hill Primary School, Thurrock, SS17 8LR - Gold

Lansdowne Primary School, Thurrock, RM18 7QB - Gold

Little Thurrock Primary School, Thurrock, RM17 5SW - Gold

Orsett Primary School, Thurrock, RM16 3JR - Gold

Quarry Hill Jnr. & Inf. School, Thurrock, RM17 5UT - Gold

Shaw Primary Primary (J. & I.) School, Thurrock, RM15 5QJ - Gold

Somers Heath Primary (& K/M) School, Thurrock, RM15 5LX - Gold

St Joseph RC Primary School, Thurrock, SS17 0PA - Gold

St Thomas of Cant RC Primary School, Thurrock, RM17 5RW - Gold

Stanford Le Hope Primary School, Thurrock, SS17 0DF - Gold

Thameside Jnr. & Inf. School, Thurrock, RM17 6EF - Gold

Thurrock Catering Office, Thurrock, RM18 8AD - Gold

Tilbury Pioneer Academy, Thurrock, RM18 8HJ - Gold

Tilbury St Mary Primary RC School, Thurrock, RM18 7QH - Gold

Treetops Special School, Thurrock, RM16 2XN - Gold

Tudor Court Primary School, Thurrock, RM16 6PL - Gold

West Thurrock Primary School, Thurrock, RM20 3HR - Gold

Woodside Primary School, Thurrock, RM16 2GJ – Gold

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