Freedom of information response

Future High Streets Fund

Publication date: 
Thursday 18 June 2020

In total, how much the council has already spent on developing their Phase 2 proposal, including: 

1. How much of this funding came from its local budget.

2. How much of this funding came from bonds, treasury or commercial loans, or any other form of local authority borrowing. 

3. How much of this funding came from private sector sources, including contributions, loans, co-financing or co-funding partnerships. 

A breakdown of the expenditure for the development of the council’s proposal, including amounts spent on staffing, travel, IT development, external consultants, and any other expenditures


Total spent £134,979.40 all from funding under the FHSF.

1. None

2. None

3. None

£134,979.40 on external consultants.

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