Freedom of information response

High Rise Buildings

Publication date: 
Thursday 16 January 2020

A) A list of the buildings within your borders that are considered tall buildings. The standard definition in use in building codes is 18m. If there is some other - hopefully similar - definition that would assist you in getting the information more easily, please do contact me. Ideally, we would get the height, too (either in storeys or as in metres/feet).

B) For each building, please state the postcode.

C) For each building, please state whether the buildings (whether they are for residential use, for example).

D) For each building, please state whether they are owned either by the local authority or a housing association.

E) If the information is held easily, please could you supply the date of construction? I would quite understand if that would cause a breach of section 10, however. So I leave that at your discretion.


Please see attached

Request reference:
FOI 6974