Freedom of information response

Information Asset Owner (IAO)

Publication date: 
Thursday 23 January 2020

1. Has the council appointed, or does the council plan on appointing IAOs?

2. Who is responsible for the leading IAO structure? That is, the SIRO/’Lead’ IAO/Head of Governance/Head of Corporate Services, and so on

3. What is the IAO structure in terms of how the role is allocated - for example, is it only given to heads of departments? - and what are the job titles of the IAOs?

4. Who is responsible for reviewing and implementing any training needs for the IAOs? A job title is fine.

5. Spend on IAO training over the past 5 years, per year. If not able to be broken down year by year, an average per year is fine.


1. Yes

2. Strategic Lead – Information Management / DPO or Data Protection Manager

3. The role is allocated by the Strategic Lead or Director for each service area there is no particular job title or banding of employee that this role is allocated to it is based on knowledge of the service area and availability. Every job title is different.

4. Strategic Lead – Information Management / DPO or Data Protection Manager

5. The training provided has been face to face training with a member of the Information Governance Team, no specific spend has been recorded.

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