Freedom of information response

Parking Spaces

Publication date: 
Thursday 30 September 2021

1. How many Blue Badge holders are in your area?

2. How many council-owned parking spaces there are?

3. How many of these council-owned parking spaces are for Blue Badge holders?

4. How many of these council-owned parking spaces are parent-child spaces?

5. How many fines are, on average, given out, to those that park in Blue Badge spaces that aren't allowed to park there?

6. The same for parent-child spaces.


1. There are 7,309 valid blue badge holders in Thurrock

2. Approximately 3,895 council owned car parking spaces

3. Unknown

4. There are no council owned parking spaces for parent and child

5. In the last 12 month period 534 Penalty Charge Notices have been issued to vehicles parked in contravention in blue badge spaces

6. Not applicable

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