Freedom of information response

Postal information

Publication date: 
Thursday 26 March 2020

1. What postal supplier do you use to pick up your physical post?

a. Royal mail (Yes/no)

b. Whistl (Yes/no)

c. UKMail (Yes/no)

d. Other (Please specify)

2. Do you use franking machines or PPI envelopes in your post room? If yes:

3. Who is the manufacturer of your franking machines?

4. Do you use hybrid mail solution for some or all of your outbound post requirements? If yes:

5. What procurement framework was used?

6. When was the contract awarded?

7. Who is the supplier?

8. How long is the contract for?

9. What percentage of your total outbound post is current submitted via your hybrid mail supplier?

10. Who is responsible for digital transformation in your organisation?



a. Royal mail (Yes/no) Yes

b. Whistl (Yes/no) No

c. UKMail (Yes/no) No

d. Other (Please specify)

2. Franking Machines

3. Pitney Bowes

4. Yes

5. Document Exchange (DX)

6. This is a yearly subscription only used by Finance & Legal Services

7. N/A

8. N/A

9. Since January 2019 we have had 1,407 incoming letters for DX and we have sent out 405 DX letters from our mailroom.

10. Digital Transformation is the responsibility of a number of strategic decision makers based within key services throughout the organisation who collectively meet as a Digital Board on a monthly basis. Underpinned by our Digital Strategy, people Strategy and Customer Service Strategy; digital transformation is achieved through an agreed programme of projects run collaboratively by our IT, Transformation and Service Delivery teams.    

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FOI 9866