Freedom of information response

Private Bailiffs / Enforcement Agents

Publication date: 
Friday 17 November 2017

1) The number of times between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017, or the nearest available twelve month period, that private bailiffs/enforcement agents have been instructed to enforce debts to the local authority relating to each of the following;

a. Council tax

b. Parking

c. Housing Benefit overpayments

d. Business Rates

e. Commercial Rents

f. Any other debt types, including any other overpayments

By “private bailiffs/enforcement agents” we mean those who are self-employed or who work for private companies, including as high court enforcement officers.  Please include cases where local authority employees have visited a property to execute a warrant. 

2) The number of:

a. Residential properties:

b. Business properties:

that fall within this local authority area.

3) Do you signpost residents to one or more free debt advice agencies as part of your collections process? If so, which charities?

4) Have you adopted the Standard Financial Statement (or Common Financial Statement) as a tool for objectively assessing income and expenditure as part of your collections process? 

5) Do you have a formal policy in place for dealing with residents in vulnerable circumstances as part of your collections process? 

6) Do you currently have a policy of exempting recipients of Council Tax Support from the use of bailiff action?

7) Have you adopted the Citizens Advice/Local Government Association Council Tax Protocol?



a. 4482 (All years, not just in year billing)

b. 1792

c. 7

d. 126 (All years, not just in year billing)

e. None

f. None


a. 67201

b. 4307

3) Yes - Citizen Advice  - Money Advice - StepChange

4) No

5) Yes

6) No

7) Discussion is underway with the Citizens Advice Bureau

Please note the above Ctax and NNDR data relates to the individual instances of an individual Liability Order being issued to an Enforcement Agent within the period requested. It is NOT the number of individual charge payers for the first instance of that year only.

Request reference:
FOI 7265