Freedom of information response

Property guardians

Publication date: 
Friday 31 July 2020

1. Can you confirm whether the council has had any arrangements or contracts with ‘property guardian’ companies in the last three years?
2. Could you please provide me with details of any arrangements or contracts the council has had with property guardians in the last three years, including:

-  The name of the company

-  Details of the property

-  The amount earned by the council for each contract or arrangement 

-  The number of years the contract or arrangement was in existence for

-  Any costs to the council

3. Could you provide the number of property guardians living in council-owned buildings for the last three years? Could you break this down by year?

4. Could you provide any details of property guardian properties being used to house rough sleepers or homeless people during the COVID-19 crisis (between March 1 – July 1) ?   

  1. Thurrock Council have not used nor we have engaged the use of guardians in any of our properties.
  2. Not Applicable
  3. None
  4. None

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Request reference:
FOI 10096