Freedom of information response

Public Space Protection Orders

Publication date: 
Tuesday 24 March 2020

The PSPOs relating to dogs could be:

  • Fouling of Land by Dogs Order 
  • Means to Pick Up
  • Dog Exclusion Order
  • Dog Exclusion Order & Beaches
  • Dog Exclusion and Sport Pitches
  • Dogs on Leads Order
  • Dogs on Lead by Direction Order 
  • Taking more than a specified number of dogs onto a land Order

There may be other PSPOs in place involving dogs that we are not aware of and would like information of in this request if they are currently in place within your council.

With this in mind; could you please provide me with this information by filling in the table on the attached document?

1. In the 1st column, please list all the PSPOs relating to dog ownership that your council currently have in place. Please add a new row for each separate PSPO. If no PSPOs relating to dog ownership are in place in your council, please write ‘None’ in column 1, and return in form to us.

2. In the 2nd column, please list the locations and nearest postcodes of the areas where PSPOs are in place.

3. In the 3rd column, please state what date this PSPO came into force.

4. In the 4th column, please state how many fixed penalty notice fines have been issued to dog owners for violating this order since it was implemented.

5. In the 5th column, please state any evidence you have seen that the PSPO has had an impact on the issue it was put in place to address (for example: if the PSPO was put in place to reduce dog fouling, has there been a reduction in the number of complaints about dog fouling?)


There are no PSPOs in place in relation to dogs.

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Request reference:
FOI 9856