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Return home interviews

Publication date: 
Tuesday 3 December 2019

1. Which organisation (if any) does the local authority commission to deliver Return Home Interviews for children who have been missing?

2. How many Return Home Interviews were offered by your local authority (or commissioned service) from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019?

3. How many Return Home Interviews were delivered by your local authority (or commissioned service) from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019? (i.e. the child was actually interviewed)

4. How many times was child criminal exploitation (CCE), such as county lines, raised as an issue in these Return Home Interviews?

5. Are Return Home Interviews only offered to Looked After Children, or are there other groups that are eligible for Return Home Interviews? If so, please list eligible groups.


1. Open Door

2. 701 referrals to Open Door were made to Open Door in respect of missing episodes

3. Children were interviewed by Open Door, in 124 incidents of the 701 referred

4. While CSE and other vulnerabilities were identified, CE was not specifically identified as an issue in RHIs.

5.Yes: Thurrock LAC and all Thurrock children, whether open to Thurrock CSC, PASS, or not open but who live in Thurrock and who go missing, are offered RHIs. Thurrock LAC placed out of Borough are offered RHIs by Open Door.

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