Freedom of information response

School Capital Projects

Publication date: 
Wednesday 7 June 2017

Please could you provide costing detail for the 3 most recently completed secondary school capital projects [including new schools or replacement school buildings, but not refurbishments].
Much of the information is similar to that requested by the National School Delivery Cost Benchmarking Survey [EBDOG] and provision of copies of the submission template Excel spreadsheet would cover the majority of the information required whilst minimizing the retrieval burden, however, some further information is also required.
Information based on returns that may have been made to the National School Delivery Cost Benchmarking Survey [EBDOG]
-           Elemental breakdown of tender price
-           Contractor 
-           Programme length
-           Contract family and variant
-           Frameworks used
Additional information for each school above that may not be covered by the survey responses:
-           Floor plan [As built, scaled, to be used to determine features such as corridor width, communal areas etc] [PDF preferred, however most CAD formats are viewable]
-           Design route  – Fully pre-designed (e.g. Sunesis), EFA baseline, Adapted EFA Baseline, Bespoke Design
-           Final account costs
-           Final programme length


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Request reference:
FOI 6677