Freedom of information response

Security Spend

Publication date: 
Thursday 28 May 2020

We are presently looking at the park security market to include contracting and in house labour and would appreciate details in connection to this matter under the Freedom of information request.

Annual spend:

  Security Training
What is your spend on security annually?  £  £
What is your spend on training?  £  £
How much of the spend is with subcontractors?  £ £
Do you use ad-hoc security for events    

Security at ad hoc events is usually provided by the organisers of the events. 

Where events are organised by the council, they tend to be indoors such as the Civic Awards. The security at these indoor events are provided by the venue.

For smaller outdoor events in parks and open spaces that are organised by the Park Engagement team, no external security is required as we have more than two people who are qualified to run the sessions and have valid Health and Safety training, safeguarding training and First Aid.

The park engagement team update their training every two/three years in line with national governing body guidelines. The cost of training last year was £700

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